Obedience training is probably the most important aspect of raising a dog. In fact, a well- trained dog is by far a happier dog! Why? Because a trained dog requires fewer restrictions. The more reliable the dog, the more freedom he is given. A well-behaved, obedience trained dog is a pleasure to own because he can go virtually anywhere without being a risk or nuisance to others. And don’t we all want a dog who exhibits appropriate behavior in a crowd, good manners when we have guests in our home, is reliable around children, and who doesn’t threaten other dogs or passers-by?

Training serves to strengthen the bond between a dog and his owner. It builds communication, understanding, and mutual respect, and subtly but effectively demonstrates to your dog that you’re the leader of the pack (commonly referred to as the “Alpha”). And if your dog doesn’t respect you as his leader, you may both be in big trouble, particularly if he’s a bit rowdy or dominant by nature.

Obedience training also gives the dog owner the voice control necessary to prevent numerous potential tragedies. For instance, should a dog slip out of his collar in the middle of a congested traffic intersection, he can be safely heeled across the street, then given a sit command to facilitate putting his collar back on. Or should someone accidentally leave the front door open, and you spot your dog leaving, he can be safely called back to you using the recall command

The bottom line is that dog obedience training truly benefits everyone. Obedience training takes more time than you might imagine- both from the person actually doing the training and the owner. Regardless of what anyone might tell you, don’t think for a moment that you can leave your dog for a training class, come back in a week or so, and take home your well-trained, well-behaved dog that obeys your every command! If it worked that way, anyone coming into contact with your dog could have control of your dog. Be prepared to dedicate as much time as is necessary to work with your trainer and your dog to achieve the level of results you desire.

Training is a unique business that requires time, dedication, patience and a boatload of love. At Barks, we have very definite ideas about training methods and we’ll be glad┬áto answer questions about different trainers and the methods they may use.


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