Day Care

Day Care is a time for barking, playing, and tail wagging!  It is supervised at all times to ensure the safety of each dog.  We group dogs together not only based on size, but also age and play style. Playmates are divided into groups of 12 dogs or less so that everyone can have a good time! If your dog has any particular needs or habits, please let us know so we can accommodate your dog while he is here.

All dogs participating in Day Care must pass our temperament test prior to attendance.  All dogs must also be up to date on all required vaccinations.

Click Here for paperwork that should be filled out prior to arrival.

Pre-Day Care Interview: No charge but is required

Day Care: $34

Day Care 6 Day Package: $185

Day Care 12 Day Package: $327

Day Care 30 Day Package: $750

Additional Individual Playtime: $17.50 per 30 minutes

Additional Holistic Treat: $3.75

Kong Treat with frozen peanut butter filling: $3.75

Want to make a Day Care or Boarding reservation? Click Here.

*Please be aware that reservations made via email are requests only until Barks and Recreation has confirmed
your reservation with you. If we have not responded to your email request within 1 hour of it being sent to us
(during normal business hours), please call us at 901-509-0909 to confirm your appointment!

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