About Us

We understand your dog is family and we make all our decisions based on the same question: What’s best for your pet?

We offer a unique and extremely effective approach to boarding and day care. Every dog that comes to our facility is individually evaluated by multiple members of our staff and special attention is paid to his or her individual needs. We work not only to educate the dogs in our care, but owners as well in an effort to create better partnerships between the two.

Our playgroups are set up to accommodate different sizes, temperaments and play styles in order to ensure that your dog will be safe and engaged while they are in our care.

It’s also important to give back to the community. We work directly with Tails of Hope Dog Rescue, a local and non-specific breed rescue here in Memphis and North Mississippi. We foster one dog at a time through Tails of Hope and care for him until he can be placed into a loving permanent home.

We invite you to visit our Barks and Rescue page to see how you can help!

We understand that it is our privilege to care for your pet and we’re grateful for the opportunity.

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